Warning: Violence, Sex, & Dark Fantasy

Red Paradise is out today!!! My new dark fantasy novel follows a law man, a gigolo, and steely smuggler’s hard journey through a frozen, monster infested wasteland.

Aliens meets the medieval Apocalypse…

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The shadow of a new, dominant species casts over the ruins of the old world.

Hunted by a deadly predator, a lawman, a tiger-striped gigolo, and a smuggler come together to unravel the mystery behind a remote grove rumored to remain immune from the outbreak and out of reach from the shadow of death. The closer the expedition gets to their destination, the more vulnerable they become to this Promised Land’s temptations and each other. At the heart of this seductive, alien Eden, they slowly realize that paradise doesn’t belong in this world.


Coffin Riders Review

2 Book Lovers Reviews just released their review of Coffin Riders this week! Check out their take on Bloom’s hellish journey through the nine circles of the after life.



Here’s a sneak peek:

“The author has painted a very vivid picture of hell, complete with a beautiful beach covered in rotting corpses who are playing volleyball and soaking up the rays.”

Thanks to the 2 Book Lovers team for their support!

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Dysmorphic Kingdom Review

I had the pleasure of reading Colleen Chen’s novel Dysomorphic Kingdom, a unique novel in the tradition of modern bizarro fiction, feminist erotica, and non-traditional fantasy.

It was a great, thought provoking read. Totally recommend it!

Here’s my short review of Dysmporphic Kingdom:


A bizarro twist on traditional fantasy tropes, Dysmorphic Kingdom follows Vesper’s quest through a magical kingdom to find the owner of a walking, talking, and very horny detached penis.

In a world were women are bartered and education is replaced with magic, Vesper stands out as a strong and confident protagonist that fights against the currents of her family’s conservative traditions. With the the threat of marrying a man she despises, Vesper goes on a mad trek to the king’s court to find the owner of this strangely lovable, anthropomorphic penis.

On her way, she encounters a plague of severed body parts and dark forces at work.

Warning: Highly graphic and often disturbing #cyberpunk

“Her murder begins the unfolding of the mythology and the mystery of the Red Light Princess.”


A special thanks to writer Colleen Chen for her review of the Red Light Princess. Check out her take on it at her blog Colleen’s Write Brain.

Here is a sample: “The story begins with the narrator, Kai, being chased across the slums of old high-rises, the skywalks above them, up and down and over buildings. Body-modification has developed beyond art to practical usage. Launchers and boosters, talons and weapons fused into muscle and bone allow free-jumps, flight, attack and defense.”



#TuesdayBookBlog Coffin Riders Review


Thanks to Novel Novellas for their Four Star Review of my dark, after-world fantasy, Coffin Riders.

Here’s a sneak peek for you horror fans, “Coffin Riders tells the tale of Bloom doing whatever it takes to be with his love, Lorraine, one last time.”

Coffin Riders is available on Amazon Kindle, Nook, and ITunes!



The worst part about hell? There aren’t enough towels.

Bloom deep-throats the barrel, and pulls the trigger. He drops down to the underworld, a place called Paradise Cove, an assisted afterlife facility masquerading as a cheap hotel deep in the bowels of the earth. A modern day Dante, Bloom searches desperately for a way out of hell. He journeys through the nine known underworlds in a mad search for his lady love to take the revenge he thinks he is owed.

Death is a spiral: the deeper you go the worse it gets.

New Interview & Spotlights!

New Red Light Princess & Coffin Riders spotlights are out by Ministry of Magic blog and Narrative Ink!


You can also check out my new interview up on Book R3vi3ws. A deep discussion about slums, survival priorities, and my obsession with Rutger Hauer…

Here’s a peek to wet your appetite:

How did you come up with the idea for your current story?
The Red Light Princess takes place in a violent, urban slum known as the No Go Zone. It was mainly inspired by the Walled City of Kowloon, an ungoverned territory squeezed between British controlled Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. This wild, densely populated ghetto became a den for drug lords, triads, unlicensed surgeons, and other ghosts that did not want to be found.

1505273_840934529256642_662330527_nThanks to everybody for their support!!!

The Red Light Princess is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Coffin Riders is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Most Wanted Criminals

Fang-Tastic Books released Metro Police’s 7 Most Wanted Criminals of the No Go Zone. The public is warned not to approach this collection of delinquents and low lives.

“Every one of them should be considered armed and dangerous.”

Find out who made the top of the list as the most dangerous criminal of the slums.

The Red Light Princess is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

the-redlight-princess_1 A low-level gang informant’s clock is ticking as he tries to solve a series of copycat killings before the triads give him up as a sacrifice in the dystopian slum’s annual Night of the Clean Hands. 


#Horror: Fang-freakin-tastic’s Coffin Riders Book Review

Fang-freakin-tastic Reviews posted a new four fanged review of Coffin Riders!


How about a taste of their take:

“…The visualizations were throw up worthy in the best sense.  I don’t know why the dead wouldn’t sleep though and I personally would be sleeping, I mean even if your body is falling apart.”

Check out Fang-freakin-tastic Reviews great list of books today. Thanks to everybody for all their support!

Coffin Riders is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and ITunes.

Red Light Princess Showcased

NonLocal Science Fiction spotlighted the Red Light Princess!

Check out their take on the book:


“Set in a dark, brooding cyberpunk dystopia, Red Light Princess by James W. Bodden is a tale of one man tirelessly chasing down the truth behind a series of murders in the No Go Zone, a dismal future slum… If you like your sci-fi mixed with a gritty, film noir vibe, Red Light Princess might just be your next favorite book. Bodden gets to work building his unique high tech slums almost immediately, painting a picture of a typical evening’s entertainment in the No Go Zone.”

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#Horror: Coffin Riders Book Review

A new review of Coffin Riders is up on The Books of Blood! Check out their awesome author interviews and  book reviews.


Here’s a peak:

“There are so many interesting little creations in this bizarro afterlife, from a mole filled vending machine to towels as currency. I’ve never read about a worm turf war before, but this is the case as they vie for space in Bloom’s rotting intestines in one part of the book. This is an example of one of the many strange occurrences that make up Bodden’s world of the afterlife. It’s fresh and fascinating.

Read the review today!

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