Bloom deep-throats the barrel of a gun and pulls the trigger. His body nosedives in a kamikaze drop to the darkest pits of the nine known Hells…

Coffin Riders is a modern take on Dante’s classic Inferno. Dante maps out nine circles of hell that tunnel like a drill into the earth, each getting closer and closer to the heart of this violent, terrifying underworld.

Nine Hells. Nine prisons. Nine ways to go insane in the darkness. A maze with no escape without redemption.


I re-imagined these nine dark,often ironic landscapes of torture, violence, and despair and gave them a new bent, trying to create a fresh feel for each hell within the traditional canon of Dante’s story.

Will it be Lust, Violence or Languishing in Limbo? What sin’s your poison? Which one of these Hells do you belong in?

Paradise Cove (Limbo)

An assisted afterlife facility masquerading as a beach resort. Enjoy languishing with the rest of the unhappy stiffs in Paradise Cove. Have a pink cocktail. You’ll be here for a while.

Dante envisioned Limbo as the resting place for unbaptized babies and virtuous pagans. Plato and other wise men from antiquity are stuck here, so it can’t be all bad.

The Wilderness of Desire (Lust)

Condemned to the Wilderness of Desire? The one you lust for is waiting for you somewhere in this thick jungle. Go on and find them. But don’t mind their tails. Or their piles of bones.

Dante’s place for ‘carnal malefactors’. You know who you are.

The Maws of the Beast (Gluttony)

Sentenced for the crimes of Gluttony? Welcome to your worst nightmare. Be careful what you eat, and what can eat you back.

Dante sees this underworld as a prison for sinners guilty of excessive self indulgence. Food’s not the only self indulgence that counts.

The Facility (Greed)

The Facility is a strange, industrial complex near the core of the underworld. A place where the dead power the afterlife.

Dante’s cell block for the sin of avarice. Neither the avaricious nor the miserly were forgiven here.

The Roiling Sea (Anger)

The Roiling Sea is clogged with a mess of bodies fighting their way to the surface. Will you make it out or sink with the rest of them?

Dante’s hell for the sin of Anger is located in the dark waters of the infamous River Styx. Hell’s only navigable river leads the way to the lower parts of hell and inside the walls of the the dead city of Dis.

The Last City of the Dead (Heresy)

Welcome to the Last City of the Dead. Black winged Reapers watch over the ramparts. Are you worthy to cross the bridge and step inside?

Dante places this circle of hell inside the underground citadel of the devil, the unholy city of Dis. Here, heretics are burned inside their tombs.

Hell’s Arena (Violence)

A massive coliseum for the entertainment of the reapers, demons, and lost souls of hell.

Thumbs Down! Condemned to the Arena. Can you survive against the freakish monsters & gladiators of this underworld?

In Dante’s version, the entrance to this cursed place is guarded by the deadly Minotaur. Rivers of boiling blood and fire burn behind him.

The Storm of Faces (Fraud)

Sentenced to the Eighth Netherworld? Hope the storm of the ghosts from your past don’t drive you mad.

Dante envisioned a motley crew of charlatans, seducers, witches, corrupt politicians, and false prophets to inhabit this particularly jam packed circle of hell.

The Tundra (Treachery)

Welcome to the last charted hell on the map. A vast, frozen tundra. Something lurks out there in the ice. Enjoy the end of the world.

Dante’s last turn of his spiral into the underworld. The resting place of the Devil himself.


Get Coffin Riders today and find out which Hell your soul is bound for!!!

Also available on Barnes & Noble and ITunes!


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