I always like getting seduced by a book cover. It’s like locking eyes with that hot stranger across the bar. Possibilities endless because its still all in your head.

Eric Nyquist’s eerie nature scenes for the Southern Reach Trilogy, Richard Anderson’s inspiring fantasy tableau for the Mirror Empire, and Matthew Revert’s punk artwork for the Long Lost Dog of It show that 2014 was a great year for book covers in mainstream and indie publishing. I’ve seen some amazing book covers come out in 2015 already.

I’ve been very lucky to have worked with two talented artists that brought my books to life.


Eric Wilson captured the desolate beaches of hell for Coffin Riders with his wicked sensibility for dark fantasy and horror. The artist and musician has created some of the most terrifying book covers of 2015. Visit his Facebook Page to check out his work.


Mariusz Siergiejew aka Noistromo created the disturbing cover for the Red Light Princess. The illustrator, graphic designer, and concept artist currently lives in Krakow, Poland, creating amazing monsters, aliens, robots, and strange creatures from the dark matter of his brains.


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